About Us

My Vision

Dietlisious is a topical and  helpful newsy website. It’s designed to help promote the health of people of all ages and sizes to get on track to a fitter and healthier you.

In todays world the focus is all about about spreading the word to help people combat obesity and help curb the road to self destruction!

Every news item you listen to on TV and every magazine and newspaper you read are trying to raise awareness as it’s become a real problem in young and old.

Are we listening some of us…yes!

Some of us…no!

We should be listening, as it’s in our best interests for our children and grandchildren to live a long and healthy life for as long as they possibly can, so it’s up to us to pave the way.

My Story

Having come from a family of weight ‘problematics’ I can emphasise with everyone who has weight issues.

My mother in particular was constantly on what I called her ‘bunny diet!’ She never lost weight no matter how she tried.

But then she never exercised…back in the 50’s and 60’s people didn’t seem bothered about it. They didn’t see it came part and parcel with dieting.

How times change!

Now my younger sister was definitely obese!

It was after an accident at work where she injured her back very badly and was in constant pain. She started piling on the pounds.

Then one day she decided to do something about it after she had sunk so low she became very depressed.

Anyway I’m not going to dwell on that because she picked herself up took control and started a daily routine of walking round the garden.

Gradually she started to lose weight, so when she felt confident enough she went further afield and took up walking round the park.

She changed her eating habits and eventually went on a proper diet. The pain in her back subsided, and to this day her back hasn’t bothered her.

So you see if you have a health problem, how diet and exercise within reason can help.

My older sister was always thin as a rake, well, so was my younger sister when we were kids.

I was the one in the middle the little ‘fatty!’ as I was constantly called by my sister. Funnily enough I never let it bother me though. We were close and always will be!

My Dad never had a weight problem so I guess I take after him and my two sisters… well they must take after Mum…bunny Food!